Bagged Pine Bark 60 Ltr

An attractive, long lasting garden mulch

Rocky Point Mulching’s Premium Pine Bark is a recycled product from renewable pine forests. Pine Bark will continuously enrich and protect your soil as it breaks down slowly.

Add a smart finish to your garden with Premium Pine Bark.




With droughts frequent across the Australian landscape soil water management can be critical.

Overall people are now much more aware of the value of mulching to optimise the water reaching the garden bed, the retention of moisture in the soil and controlling run-off.

Mulching can prevent evaporation from the soil by up to 70 per cent. The break down of organic mulch also releases nutrients into the soil to maximise fertility whilst increasing good micro and macro organisms within your soil improving your soils health and structure which delivers the best sustainable growth for your trees, shrubs and plants.

Using water more efficiently can result in significant cost savings and environmental benefits.

The use of sustainable products to promote growth and reduce water waste is a priority for all.

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