Weed and Pest Control

Richmond Sand, Gravel & Landscaping Specialise in Weeding and Pest Control

Are pest or weeds ruining your garden? Richmond Sand, Gravel & Landscaping can help you take control of your garden with a great range of Pest and Weed Control Products.

If snail and slugs are eating your plants check out Eradicate Snail & Slug Bait. Scientifically proven in the fight against snails & slugs. No withholding periods. Safe for pets, wildlife & waterways. Australian made and designed for the harsh Australian climate. In more than 90 scientific trials, Eradicate has outperformed competitors. An Iron EDTA complex bait, using patented molecular wrap technology, Eradicate is manufactured with a modified dry process to suit the harsh Australian climate.

When your lawn needs help get your hand on Patrol Lawn Grub and Beetle Killer Granuals. Patrol Lawn Grub and Beetle Killer controls lawn beetles and lawn grubs in lawns and turf. This product also controls ants, earwigs, millipedes, mole crickets and slaters in garden beds and lawns. It is packed in a convenient, resealable bucket to keep product fresh and safe from pets or children. If you are unsure which products will suit your requirements contact the helpful staff of Richmond Sand, Gravel & Landscaping and they will provide honest and effective solutions.