Wintergreen Couch


Wintergreen Couch grass is one of the best all-round lawn on the market especially for its price!.

It features a thin leaf, which thrives in full sunlight and is known for its drought tolerance. It is extremely hard wearing, soft to touch and fantastic for children, dogs and high traffic areas. It is well suited to Australia’s climate and is widely used in home lawns, sports grounds and golf courses.

Wintergreen Couch loves full sun. In a shaded or mostly shaded area the couch will become very thin or may not grow so we do not recommend this product for any shady areas. If your landscape is mostly shady please take a look at the Sir Walter Buffalo as it is perfect for shady areas.

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Wintergreen Couch Characteristics

  • Extremely hard wearing and self repairing
  • Hardy, drought resistant/tolerant
  • Great for high traffic areas, dogs & kids
  • Very fine, soft leaf
  • Aggressive runner system, above and below the ground
  • Good salt tolerance
  • Low to ground, carpet like
  • Used on golf courses & tennis courses
  • Will keep better colour if fertilised well in Autumn & Spring
  • Summer green colour will fade going into Winter
  • Luxury of going dormant in Winter means minimal watering and mowing

Wintergreen Couch Lawn Maintenance

When mowing Wintergreen Couch it is important to leave 60-70% of its foliage as mowing height is an important factor in promoting healthy growth.
In Summer mow every 7-10 days.
During Autumn and Winter every 2-5 weeks, only if necessary
During Summer when the average temperature is over 30 degrees, you will need to water about 3 times a week.
Autumn and Spring will be about 2 times a week, and Winter about once a fortnight.
The above recommendations are a guide only. During times of drought minimal water will allow the lawn to survive.

To maintain a healthy lawn you will need to regularly fertilise this lawn, as it tends to hibernate through winter you should give your lawn a hit with nitrogen and iron during winter to maintain growth and colour, and fertilise again in Spring to promote a healthy green lawn.

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