Nullarbor Couch

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Nullarbor Couch grass is considered as the best all-round lawn on the market and is mid green in colour.

It is a fine textured lawn with a strong growth structure which thrives in full sunlight and has superior drought tolerance. It is extremely hard wearing, soft to touch and fantastic for children, dogs and high traffic areas. It is well suited to Australia’s climate and is widely used in home lawns, sports grounds and golf courses.

Nullarbor Couch is a popular choice for homeowners choosing a lawn that presents value for money, bearing lower upfront cost. Best suited for areas receiving 7-8 hours of direct sunlight per day, this fine leaf variety is a summer stunner – showcasing a deep green colour and tidy appearance. When mown regularly to a height of 15-20mm in Summer and 20-30mm in Winter, in return you will get a tidy manicured lawn to complement your outdoor living space.

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Nullarbor Couch grass has a creeping/runner growth and a deep root system, making it exceptionally fast with self repairing. It recovers rapidly from any wear and damage. The runners with their deep root system will however, find their way under any garden edges and pop up in your garden beds.
Couch loves full sun. In a shaded or mostly shaded area the couch will become very thin or may not grow.
Couch is ideally kept mowed short. No more than 30-40% of the leaf should be removed in any one mow, removing lawn clippings.

The Facts

Colour: Mid to light green
Sun vs Shade: Full sun & some shade
Leaf Shape: Fine
Drought Tolerance: Yes – warm season lawn
Runner: Under and above the ground
Water Usage: Minimal water, once established
Root System: Very deep
Self Repairing: Yes


• Extremely hard wearing and self repairing
• Hardy, drought resistant/tolerant
• Great for high traffic areas, dogs & kids
• Very fine, soft leaf
• Aggressive runner system, above and below the ground
• Good salt tolerance
• Low to ground, carpet like
• Used on golf courses & tennis courses
• Will keep better colour if fertilised well in Autumn & Spring
• Summer green colour will fade going into Winter
• Luxury of going dormant in Winter means minimal watering and mowing



No more than 30-40% of the Couch leaf should be removed in any one mow. Keep mower blades sharp and avoid cutting grass when wet. Mowing height is an important factor in promoting healthy lawn.
In Summer mow every 7-10 days.
During Autumn and Winter every 2-5 weeks, only if necessary.

The amount of water that your lawn will need will depend on your rainfall and the output of your sprinklers. Underground drippers will need to be left on for longer.
During Summer when the average temperature is over 30 degrees, you will need to water about 3 times a week. Autumn and Spring will be about 2 times a week, and Winter about once a fortnight.
The above recommendations are a guide only. During times of drought minimal water will allow the lawn to survive.

Weed Control
Broadleaf sprays control clover, bindi and broadleaf weed and should be applied before flowering.
Wintergrass control should be applied annually between April and August.

To help maintain colour during winter, beef up your lawn with nitrogen and iron during Autumn. Fertilise again in the spring to help maintain a green and healthy lawn

Fine Leaf Texture

The fine leaf texture of Nullarbor Couch is it’s defining feature, and the key to it’s renowned manicured look. With an upright growing habit, a well maintained couch lawn will reward you with a deep green backyard for those outdoor activities. A family favourite, you’ll love spending quality time in your new green living area!

Cost Effective

Offering excellent value for money, you’ll get more lawn for your budget. Ideal for new homes and outdoor living areas or replacement of existing lawns, Nullarbor Couch is an affordable solution. Once established and maintained as part of a regular lawn care regime, Nullarbor Couch is a great way to finish a backyard you’ll be proud of.

Additional information

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