Specialising in Compost for Landscaping and Gardening in the Northern Rivers.

Richmond Sand, Gravel & Landscaping provide landscapers, builders and gardeners a broad range of compost and manure products for Ballina, Lennox Head, Lismore and Casino. We’re competitively priced and offer compost products in small and bulk quantities.

Why Compost?

Compost is decomposed organic matter, rich in nutrients and is perfect for gardens and veggie patches as an organic soil conditioner and fertiliser. Composting takes organic matter that would otherwise be waste, shreds and combines the matter allowing the materials to break down into humus/compost over a period of months whilst being aerated and watered.

Provide your plants with the essential nutrients for optimum growth, compost contains nitrogen phosphorous and potassium and other micro nutrients plants require. In some cases compost will be all you need to fertilise and feed your plants. Nutrients in compost are released slowly at the rate your plants can use them, acting as a slow release fertiliser.

Compost will also improve the structure of your existing soil too, the organic matter in compost will bind with soil particles and create a crumbly soil structure which holds water well, creates better drainage and promotes root growth. Composting increases the water holding ability of soils as compost can hold 200 percent of it’s dry weight in water.

Improve the quality of your soil with Richmond Sand, Gravel & Landscaping’s range of composts including; Chicken Manure, Cow Manure, Mushroom Compost and Worm Castings.

Why not bring your ute or trailer to pick up from our Lismore or Ballina yards?
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Check out our range of composts below then pop into or call our Lismore of Ballina yard today and chat to one of our friendly staff to discuss your soil and compost requirements. If you’d prefer, you can click the ‘Add to quote’ button on any of our product pages and someone will contact you shortly.