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ADBRI Courtyard Bench Seat

Jason Hodges builds a bench seat with Adbri Courtyard and Recycled Railway sleepeers

Watch as Jason Hodges builds a bench seat using Adbri Courtyard blocks and Recycled Railway sleepers. As Jason says in the video ‘If you can lift the blocks, your can lay them. It’s that easy’

This project is a pretty simple build that should take less than a day to complete and will enhance your outdoor entertaining space. If done right you wont need to cut the blocks and you’ll still end up with the perfect bench seat that’s durable and timeless. Perfect for fire pit areas, BBQ areas and to create interesting features in your garden.
What you’ll need to get it done
Adbri Courtyard Corner blocks
Roadbase or Abdri Torpedo blocks for footing
Recycled Railway sleepers or Hardwood Sleepers for the seat
Adbri Courtyard Pier cap

Here is another video where Jason walks you though the construction of the bench seat step by step