Turf – Palmetto Buffalo


Palmetto Buffalo Grass Soft Leaf has a very soft leaf, great shade tolerance, outstanding Winter colour, great at out-competing weeds, low allergenic, less thatch, less mowing, disease and pest tolerance and good wear recovery.

Palmetto has a dense growth structure which forms a strong barrier against those pesky weeds. As Palmetto continues to grow during Winter so does it allow for much better weed protection compared to the likes of other buffalo grasses.

Palmetto performs very well in full sun, however it also thrives in more shady areas requiring only 2-4 hours of direct sunlight per day.

Palmetto has more active Winter growth which means that it is much less likely to drop out during those months, making it a perfect choice for the northern Rivers Climate.

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  • Visual appeal Emerald green, broad vertical leaf.
  • Watering Low water user. 40ml per week (Over 2-3 days) in Summer, no watering required during Winter.
  • Mowing frequency Every 2 weeks in Summer, 4-6 weeks in Winter.
  • Wear/Tolerance Moderate to low.
  • Sunlight/Shade Minimum 3 hours direct sunlight per day.
  • Drought/Frost tolerance Drought tolerance is very good. Frost tolerance also very good.
  • Drought/Frost recovery Very Good.
  • Weeds More related to the turf farm that grows it, Greenacres is proud to deliver guaranteed Weed free Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo Lawn.


  • Shade tolerant – Is one of the most shade tolerant lawns available, maintaining colour & cover in shady conditions.
  • Low maintenance – Is a low water user & requires less fertiliser, mowing & renovation than most other turf varieties.
  • Less invasive – Can easily be contained with the occasional use of an edger & is easily removed from garden beds.
  • Soft leaf & low allergy – Makes Palmetto ideally suited to children and the whole family.
  • Attractive – A broad emerald green leaf with a vertical growth habit. Finer leaf than most other buffaloes.