Sir Walter Grub Guard

If aphids, bugs, caterpillars, heliothis, leafhoppers, grasshoppers, thrips or army worm are a problem in your garden… Grub Guard is the answer.

This easy spray-on applicator means you don’t need to handle any granulated chemicals or poisons, or endanger breathing in any residue dusts. Send Grubs packing with Grub Guard.

Grub Guard is a preventative treatment against lawn grubs, in fact, it’s currently the only product on the market that can make this claim.
It contains the active ingredient Esfenvelerate, which is a broad-spectrum insecticide that is toxic to most insects, but less toxic to birds, and of minimal toxicity to mammals. So Grub Guard is safer to use than any other pest control product as well as preventing some damage to your foliage as it can be applied prior to the actual attack when the moths first appear.


Richmond Sand and Gravel stocks a large range of Lawn Care products. Product ranges can be supplied in small or bulk quantities and are extremely competitively priced.

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