Sir Walter DNA Certified – Buffalo


The Original & Still the BEST.

DNA Certified Sir Walter has stood the test of time & every climate proving it can be go anywhere and GROW everywhere.

The Northern Rivers experiences weather extremes, from drought to floods, frosts and everything in between. DNA Certified Sir Walter has been tried and tested for decades, and has proved its self to be the superior choice for the Northern Rivers Climate thriving in

  • Full Sun
  • Shaded Areas
  • High Traffic Areas
  • Frosts
  • Droughts
  • Extreme Heat

DNA Certified Sir Walter is a broad soft leaf buffalo turf variety, its thick deep root system not only makes it one of the most hardy turf varieties but it also has superior weed resistance that is low allergenic, perfect for kids and pets. It is a evergreen keeping its vibrant green colour throughout all the seasons. Sir Walter is the perfect choice for homeowners who want a lush green lawn all year round with little to no effort.


  • soft-leaved
  • low-allergenic
  • weed resistant
  • lush and green

Low maintenance

Sir Walter Buffalo has a tight growth habit holds out most weeds and the ability to repair itself quickly if damaged lessening the incidence of bare patches. You’ll also find that mowing now becomes less of a chore, as the finished result will amaze you every time.

The only buffalo grass backed by a national warranty

With every Sir Walter Buffalo Grass purchase, no matter how big or small, you will be issued with a Certificate of Authenticity. This certificate is your guarantee that you are receiving genuine Sir Walter.


Go anywhere and grow anywhere:

  • in full sun
  • in shade
  • in extreme heat
  • in frost
  • in drought

Buffalo lawns are more shade tolerant than other varieties because of its broad leaves which photosynthesise well. Among the Buffalo varieties, Sir Walter DNA Certified buffalo grass is among the very best performers in shady areas and can thrive with as little as three hours of sunlight per day.

Sir Walter’s roots grow deep into the subsoil gathering the moisture. A Sir Walter lawn can reduce the heat generated from the sun by up to 10 degrees!