Sand Bags (Geofabric) 12KG

Sand Bags (Geofabric) 12KG

These Geotextile bags are well-suited for a wide variety of filtration, separation and and protection landscaping purposes.


Product Features & Benefits

Our Geotextile material allows water and air to pass through while retaining superior strength throughout their usage life. (This ability for the fill to dry and harden is important in many applications.) While other types of sandbags can begin to break-down quickly if filled with soil, these Geotextile bags can be expected to perform well for years under most uses.

  • Extremely versatility.
  • Superior fill-retention while allowing air and moisture to pass through.
  • UV, mildew, rot and extreme-weather resistance.
  • Long-lasting strength and puncture retention while maintaining dimension stability (wont stretch or break under heavy pressure).

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