RSA Flexi Render


  • Offers excellent adhesion to all properly prepared substrates
  • Flexibile, overcoming shrinkage and minor cracking associated with cement renders
  • Provides an extended ‘hang time’ allowing the plasterer to achieve a seamless finish
  • Optional single coat finish (up to 2.5mm) over FC sheeting
  • Results in a flatter, higher quality finish

When applied in accordance with the most recent Application Instructions, Flexirender is
suitable for use over correctly prepared substrates including:

  • Acrylic and cement based renders (as a finishing coat)
  • Fibre Cement Sheeting and Gyprock plasterboard
  • Slab edge, off-form and tilt panel concrete
  • Stable Painted surfaces
  • Clay Bricks and Concrete Blocks
  • AAC Hebel


Render Systems Australia Flexirender is a high quality acrylic based, sand enhanced product
designed for use over various correctly installed substrates such as FC sheeting, previously
painted surfaces. Flexirender also offers a highly flexible base coat system that provides
outstanding properites to receive RSA trowel on texture coatings.


Flexirender is applied by steel trowel at a thickness of 0.5 – 2.5mm per coat. Subsequent
coats can be applied to build the depth up to 6mm if required. When applied at a thickness
of 1mm, floated and sponge finished – a look similar to the RSA sample will be achieved.

Finishing Method

Flexirender applied at 1mm or more in a single coat, is generally floated using a polystyrene
float and finished with a hand or sponge float. When applied at less than 1mm as a
‘tight coat’ it is generally floated using a plastic float. Both floating techniques allow the
Flexirender to be left ready to receive trowel on texture coats, or another coat of RSA
Flexirender (floated and sponge finished). A choice of RSA Roll-On Textures or RSA Rapid
Shield Matt can then be applied as top coats to the system.
Note: Where 1.5 or 2mm Flexirender is to be used as a finish over blue board, a 1mm coat
of RSA Flexirender should first be applied as a base / primer / key coat. Where 2.5 or 3mm
Flexirender is used as a finish over blue board, prime the surface using RSA Multiprime.

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