Premium Cow Manure

Low odour, organic soil conditioner (non-pelletised)

Rocky Point Mulching’s Organic Premium Cow Manure is fully composted, providing a safe nutrient rich soil conditioner for all gardens. Our composting process takes approximately 4 months where the temperature is monitored and the product is turned regularly until it matures. The matured cow manure is then screened and packed into a quality retail pack ready for sale. No short cuts are taken to produce this premium cow manure which is suitable for organic production. Premium Cow Manure is not pelletised.




Benefits of Rocky Point Mulching Organic Premium Cow Manure:

  • Cow Manure is fully composted, therefore very low in odour
  • Provides excellent amounts of organic matter and nutrient into the soil
  • Cow Manure is a great retainer of moisture for the soil
  • Improves the soil structure and encourages earthworms and microbial activity
  • Product is environmentally friendly
  • NASAA Certified Input for Organic Production
  • Promotes plant growth in a natural organic way

Where can I use Premium Cow Manure?

Use as a Soil Conditioner: After removing weeds, apply a 50 – 100mm layer of Premium Cow Manure over the top of your soil and dig in well to a depth of at least 150mm.

For Planting into the ground: Place at least 100mm of the Premium Cow Manure at the bottom of a hole that is twice the size of the pot. Place plant in the hole and back fill to ground level with Premium Cow Manure. Drench the improved soil with water, and mulch as required.

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