Amgrow Organix Natural Gypsum is a naturally sourced soil conditioner, ideal for breaking up heavy clay soils, that cake or crust.

Regular use of gypsum will improve the structure of the soil, therefore resulting in better drainage and aeration of garden beds and lawns.

Clay soils become easier to manage and plant growth also improves.

All natural soil conditioner.

Analysis or Active
Calcium (Ca) As calcium sulphate 18.5% 9 Sulphur (S) As calcium sulphate 14.5% Ideal for breaking up heavy clay soils.

Rate Apply
125grams per m2 for lawns and rake into the turf.

Apply 1kg per m2 and work into the soil before planting.

For established garden beds incorporate 250 grams per m2 into the top soil.
Water in well.