Gap Sand – Paver Bond

Gap Sand – Paver Bond

OneMix Paver Sand is made from a fine graded sand, which, when combined with an innovative bonding agent mixture, ensures a balanced connection between pavers. As a result, OneMix Paver Sand is the perfect solution for high-traffic areas. With a flexible yet sturdy finish, it provides enough give to reduce excessive wear and tear, and ensure a comfortable tread.

Why you need this product:

  • Reduces risk of movement in paving structures as a result of the bonding agent
  • Perfect for high-traffic areas
  • Resistant to excessive wear and tear

Benefits of OneMix’s Weatherproof Packaging:

  • OneMix bags can be stored outside, unopened, in all seasons
  • The packaging can prevent leakage of product and any excess dust
  • Provides improved shock and tear resistance. This can reduce wasted product


All different grade sands with a bonding agent in a waterproof 20kg bag – used for sweeping in between the gaps of pavers.



Check the video below for a quick product explanation

Richmond Sand Gravel and Landscaping, Lismore and Ballina, stock a large range of sands that can cater for all needs for Tradies and DIY jobs.
We also stock white sand, brick sand, fill sand, tabulam sand, washed river sand.

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