Flat Fire Pit Lid


Our fire pit lids are constructed from 3mm mild steel. The lids are used to keep rain water out of your fire pit as well as keep the fine ash in, especially on windy nights. The lid also protects your fire pit and will prolong the lifespan.


  • Keeps hot embers fine ash from blowing out and from causing a mess
  • Keeps rain water out
  • Protects your fire pit from the elements, prolongs life span
  • Includes handles for ease of lifting

The product may differ slightly depending on stock availability at the time of order. If you have received a lid that does not have a rust patina, please leave it outdoors and a rust patina will develop in a couple of weeks. The lids may have cooking oil coated on it, please wipe off to speed up rust process.


  • Material: Steel 3mm
  • Colour: Rust
  • Size: 65cm (single handle), 83cm, 95cm, 105cm and 122cm