Dry Treat Stain Proof Sealer

Dry Treat Stain Proof Sealer

Dry Treat Stain Proof Sealer



Stain proof sealers for natural stone and concrete surfaces which reduces moss, mildew and makes cleaning easier. Also protects against efflorescence and salt attack.
Comes with 15 year warranty if applied by one of Dry Treats approved sealers which I will get names for you to put on the page as approved applicators .

Stain Proof 946ml, 3.79Ltr, 18.9Ltr Stain Proof is an impregnating sealer for premium protection of Natural Stone, Tiles, and Concrete. It is suitable for residential and commercial applications. It is a breathable sealer meaning it will avoid moisture build up inside the material.

We stock a very large range of quality sealers and cleaners. Its advisable to seal most surfaces after tiling or paving. Most cement and natural stone pavers are porous and will need to be sealed in order to protect against staining and to aid in general ease of cleaning. We have products for cleaning existing paved areas which can bring them up beautifully.

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