Black Carbon Cypress Chip

A dark Carbon Cypress mulch developed to enhance the natural greens and colours of a garden or landscape. If you are looking for a unique project finish and an enhanced garden appearance, this is the high quality coloured mulch for you. We use industry-leading technologies and natural carbon black dye. The dye is ground into the product to give long-lasting colour in this fine, consistent textured mulch. Our Carbon Black mulch has the added benefit of Cypress natural termite Resistance.

*Ballina Only*


Like any natural bark or mulch, the tannins will run if put onto light concrete, tiles, or other surfaces. We recommend a delivery drop location on grass, dirt, or on a tarp.

Rich long lasting Black colour
Retains moisture, reducing water requirements for your garden
Environmentally sustainable
Natural Termite Resistance*
Fresh Cypress fragrance
Complies with Australian Standard 4454-2012
100% Genuine Cypress

All products are natural and the exact colour and consistency cannot be guaranteed due to variations in the timber or bark raw materials.