Tea-Tree Mulch 50L


We can cater for the smaller jobs with this handy pre bagged option. A premium product, great price and you can throw these handy bags in your car!

A natural cypress chip that is dyed with a red dye. This Chip is white ant deterrent and the colour lasts for approximately 1.5 to 2 years.

It is a fantastic bright red chip that makes a bold feature of the colours in any garden.

It also makes the colours in the plants tend to seem more intense in these gardens.

Rocky Point Mulching’s Vibrant Cypress Colours Mulch will give your garden the WOW factor with its vibrant red colour and fragrant smell. Vibrant Cypress Mulch’s vibrant colour can last for a whole year under normal conditions and with regular turning, the rich red colour will continue to impress.

Our coloured mulch is a nonhazardous, all natural product and is tested rigorously for quality.