Water Truck and Trailers

  • Water Truck: Carrying capacity of 12,000 Litres
  • Available: Lismore and Ballina
Brand new food grade 12,000 litre tank, carting drinking water to the Northern Rivers. Used in conjunction with our bobcat and excavator hire services when constructing farm roads and driveways. RSGL have both a large truck mounted 12,000 litre water tank with pump and sprayer and also a smaller trailer mounted water tank and spray unit. During the construction of farm roads and driveways it's important when applying the product that it has the right moisture content to be rolled and compacted and that's where the water truck and trailer units with pumps and spray units come in. Water is required to get the right finish and make sure the materials are bound together and tight. More often than not, water is in limited supply as most properties have a tanked water supply. Rather than emptying precious water from your tanks, we arrive at site with enough water to complete the job leaving you one less thing to worry about. Just another reason to consider using RSGL for your Farm road and Driveway construction