Mulch & Barks

Garden Mulch in Lismore & Ballina. Serving Byron Bay, Evans Head & Alstonville. Richmond Sand Gravel & Landscaping specialise in Mulches and Barks for Landscaping and Gardening. Richmond Sand Gravel & Landscaping offer a broad range of mulch supplies and mulching products for Ballina, Lennox Head, Lismore and Casino landscapers, builders and gardeners.

Why Mulch?

Mulching assists with water conservation as it stops the top layer of the soil from drying out, keeps the soil moist and helps to reduce watering. Mulching will also help prevent weeds and keep your soil temperature consistent, helping to promote plant growth. When using an organic mulch you will also be feeding your soil by adding extra organic material to the soil as the mulch breaks down. For best results we recommend mulching your garden beds to a depth of between 7cm and 10cm

One of the most effective ways of improving the soil in your garden beds is by applying an organic mulch or woodchip. Mulch has an amazing number of benefits including:

Mulch or Woodchip?

There are two main types of mulch we sell at Richmond Sand Gravel & Landscaping, Mulch and Woodchip. Mulches will break down quicker adding nutrients to your garden bed whilst woodchips will take longer to break down giving you coverage for longer. We also stock a range of mulches that have natural termite resistance which are perfect for mulching garden beds close to or against your house.

The range of mulch and bark available at Richmond Sand Gravel & Landscaping includes: Bush MulchCertified Soft Fall BarkCypress ChipCypress MulchCypress Uni Mulch, Hardwood ChipPine BarkRed Cypress Chip, Screened Bush Mulch, Tea Tree Mulch.

Check out our range of mulches and chips below then pop into or call our Lismore of Ballina yard today and chat to one of our friendly staff to discuss your requirements. If you’d prefer, you can click the ‘Add to quote’ button on any of our product pages and someone will contact you shortly.

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