Decorative Stones and Pebbles can be used as a garden finish when a permanent covering is required. Although they do not break down and improve soil structure in the way mulches do, they have similar benefits such as weed suppression, protection from temperature extremes and reduction of evaporation rates. Additional advantages are that pebbles do not blow around, making them ideal for driveways and pathways. Also, although the original cost may be higher, pebbles do not need to be topped up like mulch reducing the expense and maintenance over the life of the garden.

Decorative stones and pebbles are a natural product and as such can vary from batch to batch, so if matching colour is important we suggest you buy all of what you need in one batch. Richmond Sand Gravel and Landscaping stock pebbles and decorative stone in a variety of sizes, smaller sizes such as 7mm – 25mm stones are perfectly suited to paths and driveways, with the larger size stones better suited to ground covers and garden bed features.

We also stock a range of decorative coloured dusts that are often referred to Decorative Granite or Deco Granite. These Deco Granites can be used on their own to form pathways, driveways and entertaining areas or combined with decorative stone and/or cement powder to stabilise and enhance their appearance.

How much will you need?

As a general rule we recommend that when calculating the quantity of stones you require to cover your area, always allow for 2.5 times the size of the stone or pebble as your minimum depth. This will ensure you have adequate coverage so there are no gaps where you can see through to the ground below. To calculate the amount of product you will need follow the following steps.

First – Calculate the area in square metres first.

Multiply the length times the width, if your area is 5 metres by 10 metres, it’s 5 x 10 = 50 Square metres.

Second – Multiply the square metres by the depth you wish to fill to.

For our example we will assume that we need to fill to a depth of 7.5cm or 0.075 metres so the calculation looks like this, 50 Square metres multiplied by 0.075 metres = 3.75 cubic metres.

Richmond Sand, Gravel & Landscaping stock the following Decorative Stones and Pebbles: Basalt Flagging, Gold Dust, Golden Aggregate, Moss and Bush Rocks, Riverstone, ScoriaSandstone Rock, Sunset PebbleTumbled SandstoneWhite Aggregate, White Dust and White Limestone

Check out our range of decorative stones and pebbles below then pop into or call our Lismore of Ballina yard today and chat to one of our friendly staff to discuss your needs. If you’d prefer, you can click the ‘Add to quote’ button on any of our product pages and someone will contact you shortly to discuss your requirements.

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