Premium Soil Blends


Premium Soil Blends

Did you guys realise that we make and blend our own premium blends of compost, garden mixes, & potting mixes??

This ensures we only sell the highest quality of products at the very best prices! if you are turfing or needing to top dress your lawns we blend a perfect topsoil – full of minerals and organics! Or why not try our Vegie Garden mix!! Come on in and say G’day and check out our premium soil and compost blends

Product range includes but is not limited to;



  • Landscapers Mix: A budget blend of soils with sand & 5% green matter compost
  • Premium Garden Mix: A premium blend of Soil with washed riversand & a combination of chicken manure, cow manure and composted pine fines.
  • Premium Soilless Potting Mix:  A premium Potting mix with a combination of Coarse Washed River Sand and Composted pine fines, most suitable for striking new plants and repotting.
  • Vegi Soil Mix:  A premium blend of Soil, with washed river sand, chicken & cow manure, composted pine fines and mushroom compost.
  • Screened & Unscreened fill Soil: locally sourced Red soil.


  • Mushroom Compost
  • Richmond Compost
  • Composted Pine Fines
  • Cow Manure
  • Chicken Manure
  • Worm Castings

Specify you own mix on large scale commercial jobs

We are also happy to set up our screening plant to screen and create specific blends for large scale commercial jobs. If you need to quote a large landscaping works and need a bulk quantity of topsoil of garden/landscaping soil mix we can create a blend specifically for your job requirements, contact us before quoting and we can guide you though the process and costs. Let us create a very competitively priced product to your exact specifications.

To discuss pricing or specific job needs and product availability or to obtain a quote please contact us below & we will get our senior management to call you shortly.