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DIY Pathway Paving


Are you Tired of getting wet & muddy feet walking to and from your house…or dreading hurting your feet on sharp pebbles the solution is here!! DIY PATHS!

Step 1:
Mark out our area

Step 2:
Scrap back any existing grass, stone or vegetation.

Step 3:
Excavate your area (you can do this by a machine or by hand with a shovel)
Allow for a compacted 100mm metal dust and the thickness of your stepping stones. Here we have used a 30-40mm Basalt Flagging so we have dug our path our to 140mm depth.

Step 4:
Place in your edging. Here we have used our favourite product LINK EDGE, this is a highly flexible aluminium edging that can create very unique curves and detail in your yard which we love. It is simply placed on the ground in the layout you need or like and then you nail in the 300mm spikes to hold into place & you are done! EASY!!

Step 5:
Place your stepping stones out along your path… we have used the natural Basalt Flagging – Also a favourite of ours as it has the most amazing colours, but also the shapes and textures vary giving you a very natural, authentic & stunning landscaped path. You can however use concrete or natural stone sawn pavers however you will need to ensure you measure out your layout as it will need to uniform rather than the abstract crazy pave layout we have here.

Step 6:
Once you have placed your stepping stones or pavers into place spread your chosen decorative pebble or crushed granite around the pavers or stepping stones. Here we have used our Gold Aggregate which brings out all those stunning gold tones from the stepping stones marrying everything together.

How EASY was that!

Shopping list:

Metal Dust
Garden Edging
Stepping Stones
Decorative Stone

Tool Guide:
Measuring Tape
Hose to clean everything off