RSGL how to lay turf

How To Lay Turf


At Richmond Sand Gravel & Landscaping, we’ve created a DIY guide to help you lay your own Turf!
We are your LOCAL Premium Turf Suppliers & Lawn Specialists.
Richmond Sand and Gravel are the proud local suppliers of the renowned DNA Certified Sir Walter, TifTuf, Sir Grange as well as varieties of Couch.
Being a Lawn Solutions Australia Supplier our turf farms are deemed the highest quality in the entire of Australia, growing only the best quality DNA Certified turf varieties.

Did you know that you should select your turf variety based on your individual site conditions? Lawn Solutions Australia has scientifically researched and modified their specialty turf varieties over the years to better handle shade, drought conditions, pests, and weeds – however determining what turf variety will be best for you will ultimately depend on the environment where you are planting it.

Does it receive much sun or is it mostly shady?

Do you want something that you don’t need to mow often?

Do you have pets?

What about a pool?

There is so much more to consider other then just price, so make sure you take the time to come in and chat with our turf specialists so you can ensure you are getting the right lawn for you.

Have you got an existing lawn that needs some love? Then look no further not only are we the best local turf suppliers we are also your one stop shop for specialty top dressing soil which we manufacture onsite, as well as tailored range of high quality fertilisers, pesticide solutions as well as, top quality hoses, sprinklers, hose fittings all at super cheap prices! Richmond Sand & Gravel has your lawns loved all year round.