Delivery Information

Here at Richmond Sand Gravel & Landscaping we understand that time is money especially if you are a Tradie or Contractor or are paying a tradie or machinery operator to complete your job, we will always do out our absolute best to allocate delivery times to customers requirements and prioritise Urgent loads.

Truck Sizes;

  • Mini Trucks – these small tip trucks hold a maximum of 3.2 tonne of product and up to 6m3 of mulches or barks.
  • Medium Rigid – Single Axle medium sized tipper with a maximum capacity of 7.4 tonne
  • Boggie Tipper – Dual Axle Large Tipper Truck carrying Capacity of 11 – 13 Tonne
  • Truck and Dog – Boggie Tipper Truck and Tipping Trailer – Carrying Capacity of 32.5 Tonne or 39.5 Tonne PBS Route
  • Crane Truck – Flat Bed Truck with Hiab Crane, and Moffat – designed to lift palletised product, timers, steel, bulk bags. Maximum ** Pallets with Moffat or ** without Moffat
  • Water Delivery – 10,000 Litre – 12,000 Litre Trucks or 24,000 Litre water trailer – Certified potable (drinking) water and roadworks.
  • Semi Trailer – Delivery of large timbers, and large quantities of palletised products 22 pallet Capacity
  • Side Tipper Semi Trailer – Specialist Truck that enables bulk product to be tipped out the side of the truck/trailer rather than the back – perfect for road construction or sides where product needs to be tipped to the side of the road/site


Richmond Sand & Gravel Disclaimer

  • It is the responsibility of the property owner or site contact to advise of any underground services such as septics, water meters, if these are not brought the attention of our drivers and damage occurs, it is the responsibility of the property owner or site contact to fix not Richmond Sand & Gravel.
  • Richmond Sand & Gravel does not accept responsibility of the property if damage occurs due to customers tipping instructions – this includes but is not limited to damage to lawn with wheel ruts, damage to concrete driveways from the truck driving on it or product being tipped on concrete driveways.
  • Truck Hire May be charged if we are onsite longer then 15 minutes as a result of customer delays, such as waiting for a customer to get to site, waiting for trades or other services to grant access, other access issues that are out of Richmond Sand & Gravels Control.